Red River Valley Areas

What is the Red River Valley?

Stretching along the North Dakota and Minnesota border, the Red River Valley is an area of lush farmland fed by the fertile soil surrounding the Red River. With its rich agricultural plains, dense woodlands, and sparkling river, the Red River Valley is a popular area for both residents and tourists alike. We love this area's beautiful scenery, abundant outdoor recreation opportunities, and charming small towns. Local surrounding communities include Grand Forks, which is well-known for its rich economy and winter recreation, and Devil's Lake, which covers a 30-mile radius around North Dakota's largest natural lake.


Devils Lake Region

The Devils Lake Region is rich in agriculture and outdoor recreation, with numerous farms, small towns, and bodies of water in the area.


Emerado and Grand Forks Air Force Base

Located 20 miles west of Grand Forks, Emerado is about to become the area’s hottest new locale for industry and jobs.


Grand Forks

With a rich economy based in agriculture, education, and manufacturing, as well as a charming atmosphere, Grand Forks is an amazing place to live.



With a population under 800, Hatton is a cozy city where neighbors become friends and community involvement is a big part of life.



Like a real-life Mayberry, Larimore is a small town where people truly get to know one another and forge friendships to last a lifetime.



Enjoy peace and quiet, wide open spaces, and lots of outdoor recreation in a quaint Northwood.


Red River Valley Minnesota

On the Minnesota side of the Red River Valley, rich agricultural fields meet the woodlands surrounding the serene Red River.


Red River Valley North Dakota

Stretching along the North Dakota and Minnesota border, the Red River Valley features rich agricultural plains, lush woodlands, and sparkling river views.



Small-town Thompson is a community of a thousand residents among miles and miles of flat farmlands and wide open skies.

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