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Grand Forks Is Cooler!

Why Is Grand Forks the Best Place to Live?

Because Grand Forks is COOLER

Are you considering relocating to Grand Forks but still have some doubts? Here’s why Grand Forks is way cooler than you may think!

A Big Small Town That Provides Real Big Smiles

Wondering what life in a big small town is really like? Do you love both the small-town feel and also the excitement of a big city? Then a town like Grand Forks may be just right for you! Grand Forks, North Dakota encompasses all of the positives of living in a small town and a big city all wrapped into one charming place. The best part? Well, who wouldn’t want the best of both worlds? And there is so much to explore in Grand Forks! We’ve got the shopping, the dining, beautiful malls, exciting tech ventures, craft breweries, and scenic parks all in one area… plus that “North Dakota Nice” that you won’t find just anywhere.

Why Grand Forks is The Coolest

Always Lively

Whether you’re in the mood for arts and culture, shopping, dining, street festivals, farmers markets, or outdoor music, Grand Folks is the coolest spot around. The vibrant downtown nightlife can be compared to that of larger cities, but it still has that charismatic small-town feel!

Experience All Four Seasons

Here in Grand Forks, you are guaranteed four seasons every year! Cool springs and summers lead to gorgeous falls and snowy winters. The change of seasons provides tons of chances to get outdoors and enjoy all the scenic parks Grand Forks has to offer. Whether you bike, hike, fish, explore, camp, snowmobile, play a round of golf, or enjoy the area’s favorite pastime of hockey, you are sure to find an activity (and weather) to make you happy!

Invest in Yourself

Grand Forks also provides a cool opportunity to advance your career or education! Whether you attend or work for the University of North Dakota, save lives in the Altru Health System, or advance technology at LM Wind Power, you’ll uncover plenty of opportunities in Grand Forks. And these are just a few—Grand Forks provides the chance to find your niche in this growing town!

Less Time in the Car

Known for having one of the shortest commute times in the country, North Dakota allows its residents to work, play, and LIVE all while being close to home. Grand Forks is no exception… just another bonus to living big in a big small town.

Get to Know Your Neighbor

As we progress in time, it is becoming less and less common to get to know those who live around you. Part of the charm of Grand Forks is that here, our neighborhoods are filled with people who want to get to know you! On top of the friendliness, there’s quite a variety of options for places to live. We have historic to brand-new construction, the wide-open country with lots of land to cozy downtown space, as well as scenic suburbs and exciting city living. Whatever you are looking for, we have it here.


Grand Forks is even cool for the kids! This is a great town for children with a variety of activities being held here for our youth. Grand Forks offers a number of city parks and community wellness centers. In addition, there are great schools with enthusiastic teachers eager to help kids reach their full potential!

Fallen in Love with How Cool Grand Forks Is?

Has everything you’ve read enticed you to relocate? If you are thinking of moving to Grand Forks, then now is the time to contact RE/MAX Grand. As your local real estate experts, we are here to help you explore and find out everything you will need to know about living in Grand Forks, and this was only a preview! Check out our resources below or reach out to our team today—we can’t wait to meet you!

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